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Richard Ainsworth established Ainsworth Electric in 1982. In 1984 Ainsworth Electric Inc. became incorporated. The company has been growing ever since. Ainsworth Electric takes pride on being one of the largest electrical contractors in St. Clair County.  We are capable of handling all phases of electrical needs including residential, industrial, commercial, and government.

Our electricians are highly skilled and are up to date on current Michigan Electrical Codes. We house equipment that allows us to complete almost any electrical job including back hoes, man lifts, and generators. Most importantly, we take pride in the professionalism of our employees, and customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We offer free estimates on most of our services. Call Ainsworth Electric at 810-984-5768 and let us quote your next project.

Living in Michigan, not many of us get to see the destruction a hurricane can do. While in Texas, we transported several generators for "stand-by" power after Hurricane Rita. Upon arrival, we could not believe how many businesses and homeowners were without electricity.

After working 16 hours or more per day, the Entergy (power utility company) workers were actually sleeping on the floor in a school gymnasium, with no power. We immediately hooked up stand-by power to the local hotels so that these workers had decent conditions to sleep in. In one week our electricians worked over 100 hours each. As soon as we powered up hotels with generators, Entergy would call in more crews to work on restoring utility power. The hardest part during this time, was to see people crying for help because they needed power for medical equipment, and the waste of food because the stores did not have stand-by power.

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