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Whether it is an EMERGENCY POWER OUTAGE or a PLANNED EVENT for any project large or small, Ainsworth Electric Inc. has the generator that will fit your needs. Our generators range in size from 6 Kw to 2500 Kw.


Ainsworth Electric carries several size of generators that will accommodate any application including single family homes, hotels, medical facilities, stores, factories, outdoor events, apartments, etc.


Ainsworth Electric offers full turn key service meaning that we will deliver, connect, and maintain all rented generators. This way you can focus on the event, not the power.

Generator Rental Fleet Includes:

  • 6 kw Generators to 2500 kw

  • 24/7 Emergency dispatched service

  • Diesel generators including containerized power units.  

  • Trailer mounted portable generators.

  • Quiet generators for areas where noise matters.

  • Nationwide delivery. 

Generator Accessories Available:

  • Tie In Leads

  • Temporary Cables with Cam Locks

  • Temporary Distributions

  • Rubber Mats

  • 100 Kw to 1000 Kw Load Banks

More than ever, homeowners and businesses are relying on stand-by power in the event of a power outage.

We can possibly say this is because of the great power outage of 2003, or our failing grid, or perhaps due to the extreme weather that we experience. Whatever the cause, Ainsworth Electric Inc. ready to discuss your power needs.  Ainsworth Electric Inc. is a registered dealer for:

  • Generac Generators

  • Multiquip Generators

  • Detroit Diesel Generators

Residential, Commercial, or Industrial, Ainsworth Electric will work with you to make sure you purchase and install the correct size generator for your electrical load. As we all know, when the power goes out we are basically helpless. With no heat, no medical equipment, no sump pumps, no water, no lights, etc, and the list goes on and on. With a stand-by generator, you've got peace of mind. Call us. We've got what you're looking for!

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